“In America, the economic fortunes of ordinary people like those in Ramsey’s audience are stagnating, while the fruits of increased productivity and profits are accruing to the wealthiest among us, including Ramsey himself, at an accelerating rate. But Ramsey seems to think that concern over inequality just comes down to bitterness. ‘This idea that it is all going to be fair—it’s a message Satan is using in our land right now: People who are wealthy must have done something bad,’ he said in his Sunday sermon in Houston. ‘It’s the spirit of poverty.’ He went on: ‘If you are living in a spirit of poverty, any car that is nicer than yours is too nice.’”

– Helaine Olen profiles personal finance guru Dave Ramsey who may or may not be saving America with his advice, depending on whom you talk to. See more stories from Pacific Standard.


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