Every week, Syracuse University professor Aileen Gallagher helps Longreads highlight the best of college journalism. Here’s this week’s pick:

A Harvard University degree opens so many doors, but nearly a third of Harvard graduates go into management consulting or finance. Harvard Crimson reporter Victoria A. Baena interviewed several peers, alumni, recruiters, and faculty members to discover that students choose this path for lots of reasons, and not necessarily money. (A big one, but not the only one.) Because Baena sought out so many points of view, she was able to create a more sophisticated explanation for this phenomenon and its consequences. She captures the essence of uncertainty that nags all young people, no matter where they go to college.

Pursuing Passion? Selling Out? Buying Time?

Victoria A. Baena | Harvard Crimson | October 10, 2013 | 22 minutes (5,375 words)


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