Emily Perper is a freelance editor and reporter, currently completing a service year in Baltimore with the Episcopal Service Corps.

1. “I Was A Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” (Laurie Penny, New Statesmen, June 2013)

The difference between playing a leading role in your own life and playing a supporting role in everyone else’s.

2. “Promises of an Unwed Father.” (Ta-nehisi Coates, Oprah Magazine, June 2013)

Upon the birth of his baby boy, the talented Coates examines his different entwined roles as partner, father, son and son-in-law.

3. “I Fake It So Real I Am Beyond Fake.” (Emily, Rookie Magazine, July 2013)

The author explains her process of adopting the confidence of others to create her own confidence, from teenage fashion to a career in comedy.

4. “Notes From A Unicorn.” (Seth Fischer, The Rumpus, February 2012)

Fischer faces criticism from many facets of the sexual spectrum for his bisexual identity.


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