Grief counselors at Archbishop Moeller High School, an all-boys school, work with teens who have lost loved ones:

“Phillip begins to speak even more in this session. He says his father died of heart failure which was a result of quadriplegia. The death was not expected, he says, but it was not a surprise. He tells the class that when he held his father’s hand that night, it reminded him of his mother’s hand. He says he can still feel how cold her hand was.

“‘I remember touching her hand and trying to wake her up. It was the coldest thing I could ever feel,’ Phillip said. ‘When I touched my dad’s hand it was still warm, but it reminded me of it so much.’

“After the group, he said he is glad to be a member. ‘It’s enjoyable. You can actually talk and you realize there is a brotherhood. There are people you can go talk to.’”