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Last February, a Washington Redskins executives said on a team talk show that 70 different high schools across the country share the NFL franchise’s controversial name. University of Maryland journalism graduate student Kelyn Soong did a little fact checking. His curiosity led to an impressive piece called “The Other Redskins.” Soong found that not only do 62 high schools still use the term, but also that 28 other schools had changed their team name in the last 25 years. In his reporting, Soong interviewed alumni, school officials, Native Americans, activists, and supporters. He also used data—with the help of interactive designers Sean Henderson and Angela Wong—to place the story in a larger context. The result is a well-reported, well-presented #college #longread.

The Other Redskins

Kelyn Soong | University of Maryland | April 2013 | 13 minutes (3,163 words)


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