Sarah Bruning is the associate features editor at Time Out New York and has contributed to Cosmopolitan, InStyle and, among other publications.

In recent months, both before and after Sheryl Sandberg released ‘Lean In,’ the media has scrutinized the issue of gender equality in the workplace across myriad industries. This week and last, a cover story in Port magazine prompted the media to focus the conversation on itself—specifically, on print magazines. A flurry of articles pounced on the article and engaged writers in a debate on the value, quality and perception of work published women’s magazines. Two pieces I thought raised particularly interesting questions were Jessica Grose’s ‘Can Women Do Serious Journalism?’ from The New Republic and ‘Here’s Why Women’s Magazines Don’t Produce “Serious” Journalism’ by Amanda Hess from Slate’s Double X blog. The writers comment on (sometimes conflicting) influences from within the industry—both on the editorial side and one the business end—as well as how readers influence the subject matter magazines decide to tackle.


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