The writer visits the 2013 National School Scrabble Championship, a competition between children in the fourth through eighth grade:

“The two boys have a laugh at my complaints. Frankly, I’m in a no-win situation. If I lose, I’m a loser. If I win, I’m the heartless bastard who beat two middle schoolers. Sam’s mother agrees with my assessment.

“‘Oh, you have to lose,’ she says, laughing.

“‘I know, I know.’

“But then we draw tiles and I find that I have a bingo right at the start: FlOWERS. I put it down and suddenly I have an 82-0 lead. Then I draw the Q and the Z simultaneously and put down QUIZ to take a 124-24 lead. I’m crushing it. I’m killing it. I am killcrushslaying these kids. I have no interest in decorum anymore. The game has me. I want to win because I want to win.