What happened when the village of Sodeto won the largest lottery in the history of Spain:

“Ana, the Romanian, picks up the ringing phone. ‘Mommy,’ says her daughter, ‘apparently the Gordo was won in Grañén,’ and Ana says, ‘Is this a joke?’ She looks out the window and sees her friend Lolita in her pajamas, running to the mayor’s house, and she sticks her head out, and Lolita screams, ‘WE WON THE GORDO!’

“‘How much?’ asks Ana reflexively, and her friend says a number in pesetas, and Ana yells, ‘Tell me so I can understand!’

“‘One hundred thousand euros per ticket,’ she shouts.

“And Ana, in shock, races down to the bar. She remembers putting her ticket under the cash register, and where is it, and…

There it is!

“Her mouth opens, but nothing comes out.”