Our friend Mike Deri Smith has launched a new site, inspired by Longreads, for finding and sharing great videos over 3 minutes— @watchlongviews and #longviews. We asked him to share a pick from this past week’s selections, and give us some backstory on the site:

“I read all day every day so when I want to switch up the pace, or when I eat lunch at my keyboard, I yearn for something great to watch. Viral videos are too unsatisfying, TV is too hit-and-miss, and full-length documentaries are too long. So I watch the growing amount of brilliant longform news video being produced with excitement. In the spirit of Longreads, I’ve called these videos #longviews. I’m now sharing the best of them @watchlongviews and through a weekly newsletter. You can share what you find with #longviews.”

Above: One of Mike’s recent picks, Secrets of The Dead—Bugging Hitler’s Soldiers (13 min.) from PBS.