The disgraced congressman and his wife, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, attempt to piece together their lives and careers after “that fateful tweet”:

“But nearly everyone who cares about Weiner says that pugilistic political persona long ago bled into his personal life and made him ‘hard to take,’ as his brother Jason puts it. ‘I wouldn’t stand for other people saying this about him, but there was definitely a douchiness about him that I just don’t really see anymore.’ His family agrees that the post-scandal Weiner, the diaper-changing Weiner, is far more likable. ‘No one has been harder on him than he has been on himself,’ Jason says. ‘I find that refreshing, because he was always — in his political career, and it was sort of overflowing into his personal life — this completely decisive, “this is the right thing because this is what I’m doing.” It’s like this circular reasoning that was kind of hubristic. He doesn’t have that anymore. The irony is that it could make him a better politician.’”