Hollywood screenwriter Budd Schulberg’s unlikely collaboration with Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl, who was arrested and asked to provide evidence at Nuremberg against war criminals:

“In subsequent interviews he continued the story: ‘I had this warrant for her in my pocket. It was like burning a hole in my pocket … Finally I took the thing out and said, ‘Miss Riefenstahl, I’m sorry, but I have to take you to Nuremberg.’ And that’s when she screamed, “Puppi, Puppi … he’s arresting me.”‘ The little majordomo raced into the room, with Schulberg now realizing he was her husband. ‘I tried to reassure her,’ Schulberg continued. ‘I said, “Look, you’re not being put on trial with Goering and von Ribbentrop, but we do need you as a material witness.”‘ He took her outside, where his driver and his vehicle awaited. The trip from Kitzbühel to Nuremberg was roughly 150 miles. ‘She didn’t say anything on the way … She was very ticked off—very. And I guess scared.’”