Meet the families who have moved from America to West Bank settlements:

“In 2010, 269 Jews moved from America to West Bank settlements, many of which are marketed as ‘bedroom communities’ to families and white-collar professionals in the US. The migration is called ‘making aliyah,’ which translates roughly from the Hebrew as ‘movin’ on up.’ Never mind that it’s a violation of the Geneva Conventions for Israel, as an occupying power, to install civilians in the West Bank, one-fifth of which, according to the Oslo Accords, falls under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

“To encourage Jews to illegally settle there, the Israeli government subsidizes home purchases and offers reduced rates for leasing land, in addition to the perks all new Israeli citizens get such as free health care, upward of a 90 percent reduction in property taxes, tuition waivers for earning advanced degrees, and a payment of about $14,000 spending money for a family of five. The first installment is paid on arrival at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport—in cash.”