Bill Ayers hosts a right-wing dinner party:

“Right wing blogs erupted, with some writers tickled by Carlson’s sense of humor and others earnestly saluting his courage and daring in service to ‘the cause’ for his willingness to sit in close quarters with us—radical leftists and enemies of the state. But others took a grimmer view: ‘Don’t do it, Tucker,’ they pled. ‘This will legitimize and humanize two of America’s greatest traitors.’

“Carlson got a congratulatory letter from the IHC that offered ten potential dates for dinner and noted that ‘all auction items were donated to the IHC [which] makes no warranties or representations with respect to any item or service sold’ and that ‘views and opinions expressed by individuals attending the dinner do not reflect those of the Illinois Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, or the Illinois General Assembly.’ I imagined the exhausted scrivener bent over his table copying that carefully crafted, litigation-proof language—does it go far enough?

“Carlson chose February 5—Super Bowl Sunday.”