In 1972, two men sneaked onto a cruise ship in order to warn Norman Mailer about a plot for the rich to inhabit the moon:

“‘They’ve cleverly organized this thing on a ship, you dig, that way no one can crash it,’ mused Forcade. He theorized that the cruise was just a cover for an elite conclave conspiring to jettison Earth once they’d totally ravaged it, and establish an exclusive colony for the rich and powerful in space. Everyone else would be left to fight over dwindling resources and perish in the terrestrial ruins. ‘Mailer is either in on the scam or they’ve suckered him into it. We have got to get on board that ship,’ Tom said, ‘find out what these motherfuckers are up to, blow their cover, and rescue Mailer before it’s too late.’”

“Under the influence of a fresh shipment of Tom’s Columbian import, I thought it seemed like an entirely reasonable plan. Or at least a fine Caribbean escape from the Manhattan winter and the relentless political chill that had set in. So I became one of the two stowaways on the Voyage Beyond Apollo.”