On the life and death of Cecilia Chang, a former dean at St. John’s University who was accused of using students as servants and stealing more than $1 million from the college. Chang was also accused of hiring a gunman to kill her husband in 1990:

“Mr. Tsai was shot in front of a warehouse in Bushwick, Brooklyn, by a man dressed all in white. Three bullets struck him in the shoulder and back, with two hitting internal organs. Mr. Tsai somehow stumbled inside, where the police found him sitting in a chair.

“‘I know the man, I do not know his name,’ Mr. Tsai said then. ‘Cecilia Chang was the person that paid the guy to shoot me.’

“Mr. Tsai was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where detectives from the 83rd Precinct visited him the next day. Unable to speak, he wrote that his wife wanted him dead so she could control the hosiery business that they shared, instead of dividing up the property in divorce court. He died 11 days after the shooting.”