A young man becomes paralyzed in a shooting near his church, and struggles with identifying the shooter, whom he recognizes as a former classmate (link includes both parts one and two):

“Surgeons had labored for five hours to patch his left lung, remove his left kidney and his spleen. They could do nothing to repair his L1 vertebra. His legs were paralyzed.

“A nurse brought pad and pen. Davien wanted to tell his family about the shooting. He had recognized the shooter, but he was too scared to write down a name.

“Instead, he scribbled: ‘I forgive them.’

“Days later, Sheriff’s Det. Scott Schulze showed up at Davien’s bedside with a series of mug shots.

“Davien spotted the shooter immediately. Jimmy Santana had taken gym classes with him in middle school and later joined a Latino gang, Monrovia Nuevo Varrio, or MNV.

“The detective asked Davien if the shooter was among the photos.

“Davien feared what could happen if he snitched. He also believed as a Christian that it was wrong to lie.”