A writer goes to New Zealand to visit Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, who is fighting criminal charges from the U.S. Department of Justice for committing copyright infringement, among other allegations:

“Police led Kim to the lawn, where most of the household was gathered. ‘I was so worried about Mona—she was pregnant with the twins. I kept asking where she was, where the kids were.’ Kim couldn’t see the kids, but he saw Ortmann. He and Batato had flown in for the birthday Kim shared with his son, Kimmo. It promised to be an epic event, complete with A-list entertainers from the US. The bouncy castle hadn’t even been blown up yet.

“The police found Batato by the back of the house with his laptop; he was still in his robe. Ortmann was in bed when the tactical team burst in. He looked freaked out and shattered. He wasn’t the sort who pretended at the gangsta stuff. He didn’t even play shooter videogames.

“Kim asked a police officer, ‘What are the charges?’ He imagined that, with more than 50 staff members from around the world, maybe one of them was mixed up in something.

“The answer surprised him: ‘Copyright infringement.’

“As the cops led him to a police van, Kim passed Mona. She seemed frightened. ‘All this for copyright?’ he said to her. ‘Bullshit.’”