Two friends decide to participate in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona:

We talk about our plan of action one last time. We remind each other to stay to the inside on the turns. We remind each other that the most important thing is to keep our center of gravity so we stay on our feet.

‘If you lose a shoe, keep going,’ Dan says.

‘Yeah, glass in your foot is better than being trampled—by people or bulls.’

‘If you fall, don’t try to get up. Just cover your head and roll to the side.’

‘And if you see a bull on its own, try to get out.’

This last point may be the most important in terms of living and dying. From what we’ve been told, bulls together are not as frightened as bulls alone. Bulls together tend to stay on a path, assuming they keep their footing. Frightened bulls directly charge people.

“The Bull Passes Through.” — Kevin Chroust, The Morning News

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