An examination of one family’s experience with a child who has gender dysphoria:

“As a teacher, Stephen knew how cruel kids could be. He imagined his child walking into the social battlefield that is school, insisting she was a boy when under her clothing, she wasn’t.

What about bathrooms? P.E.? The prom? How would all that go?

Despite his resistance, Stephen promised his wife that he would pay closer attention to Kathryn’s behavior and really listen for her ‘I am a boy’ anthem.

It didn’t take long.

‘We were in the car; I was driving,’ Stephen told me.

Kathryn was in the back and grabbed a book off the seat.

‘Daddy, I’m going to read you a story, okay?’ Kathryn said, opening a random book and pretending to read. ‘It’s about a little boy who was born. But he was born like a girl.’

Stephen nearly slammed the brakes, then listened as the story unfolded about how unhappy the little boy was.

‘Okay. I’m listening, Jean,’ he said after he got home.”