Survivors and crew members recount the Costa Concordia crash, in which 32 people lost their lives: 

The Concordia’s loss is also a landmark moment in naval history. It is the largest passenger ship ever wrecked. The 4,000 people who fled its slippery decks—nearly twice as many as were aboard the R.M.S. Titanic in 1912—represent the largest maritime evacuation in history. A story of heroism and disgrace, it is also, in the mistakes of its captain and certain officers, a tale of monumental human folly.

‘This was an episode of historic importance for those who study nautical issues,’ says Ilarione Dell’Anna, the Italian Coast Guard admiral who oversaw much of the massive rescue effort that night. ‘The old point of departure was the Titanic. I believe that today the new point of departure will be the Costa Concordia. There has never been anything like this before. We must study this, to see what happened and to see what we can learn.’

“The Costa Concordia Sinking: Inside the Epic Fight for Survival.” — Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair

See also: “Rebecca Coriam: Lost at Sea.” — Jon Ronson, The Guardian, Nov. 11, 2011