One of the coolest things about Longreads is when someone tweets: 

“I’m at the airport about to fly to San Francisco / New York / London / India / Argentina. I need some #Longreads for the trip.” 

This got us thinking: What if we started gathering the best #longreads for every destination in the world? 

It’s a big job, so we might as well start now. Today we’re announcing the launch of Travelreads, a new channel curated by Longreads and presented by Virgin Atlantic to help you find and share the best stories about the best places in the world. 

You can find Travelreads at, and you can find our curated picks on Twitter and Facebook. Share your favorite stories by tagging them #travelreads, and tell us where you want to go next. 

We couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with Virgin Atlantic for this new endeavor. 

For those interested in the business side of this: With Travelreads, we’re creating a sponsorship model that serves both the Longreads community and Virgin Atlantic’s community, by doing what we do best—providing a service that finds the best stuff on the web and links directly to the original publishers’ work, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on We think this approach works well for everyone in our community. 

If you’re a brand and would like to work with Longreads, here’s more information on the services we provide. You can also drop a note to Joyce King Thomas, director of brand partnerships for Longreads.