A family discovers new details about their son’s death in Iraq, and wonders why the U.S. lieutenant responsible was not punished:

A year after Dave Sharrett II died, his parents, Vicki and Dave Sr., were nearly at peace. They had come to accept the Army’s explanation of how it all happened in the “fog of war.” They were confident in the Army’s promises of transparency and accountability for the lieutenant who fired the fatal shot.

Then came the third knock on the door.

After a memorial service for their son at Fort Campbell, Ky., in February 2009, soldiers who fought alongside him paid a surprise visit to the Sharretts. In a cramped room at the Holiday Inn Express, the soldiers used words such as “cover-up” and “lies.” They brought video recordings shot from aircraft high above the chaos that showed how Dave Sharrett II and two other American soldiers were killed.

“David Sharrett’s Family Still Wants Justice for Friendly Fire Death in Iraq.” — Tom Jackman, Washington Post

See also: “The Life and Death of Pvt. Danny Chen.” — Jennifer Gonnerman, New York magazine, Jan. 7, 2012