A trip to John Madden’s man cave, and whether sports video games can ever be described as “art”:

Clearly, the way sports games are played, and the way Madden in particular is played, is ripe for some massive paradigm shift. Why doesn’t the quarterback position feel as visceral and pinpointy as firing a rifle in a first-person shooter? Could you make the experience of being an offensive lineman as interesting as anything on the ball? Why, for that matter, is running the ball such an isometric experience? When I put these and other questions to the Madden team in Florida, many of them smiled.

“Kickoff: ‘Madden NFL’ and the Future of Video Game Sports.” — Tom Bissell, Grantland

See also: “Hey, Wait a Minute! I Want to Talk.” — Sarah Pileggi, Sports Illustrated, Sept. 1, 1983