Hi everybody. I wanted to share some quick personal news: In addition to my work on Longreads, I have joined Read It Later as an editorial advisor.

When I started Longreads two and a half years ago, one of the first people I met was a thoughtful, brilliant developer in San Francisco named Nate Weiner. He and I stayed in touch, and his app, Read It Later, in addition to being a beautiful complement to Longreads, has grown into a company that now helps nearly 4 million users save their favorite stories to “read later.” (You can get the free versions for iPhone/iPad and Android, or you can just sign up here.) He and I have always talked about ways we could do more together, and I’m thrilled to be representing from New York.

Of course, Longreads will continue as it always has, serving our growing community of readers, curators, authors and publishers, and continuing to improve our service. There’s obviously a lot that we’ll be able to build with the help of the Read It Later team, and their support means we can continue to grow. So that’s pretty exciting. 

(For anyone who’s curious: Ever since I created #Longreads in 2009, I’ve operated the service alongside other content strategy work. So, yes, I’ll still have plenty of time to read.)

There’s some amazing stuff in the works, and Nate, the team and I share a strong belief in the importance of developing new ways to support and encourage those who create the best content on the web. I’m thrilled to be a part of a team that’s dedicated to that mission.

Thanks again to the incredible #Longreads community for all of your support.