It takes self-regard to name your company the Herminator Experience.

It takes self-regard to go to a fancy dinner in Amsterdam with a group of colleagues from the National Restaurant Association and — well, let Biff Naylor, who was an N.R.A. officer at the time, explain: “We walk in, and the piano player is getting up to take a break. Herman turns to the owner and says, ‘Do you mind if I play the piano and sing some songs?’ And we’re all looking sideways at Herman. What is he doing? So he takes the piano and starts singing some Sinatra or whatever and just lights the place up.”

It takes self-regard to write down speaking tips and sign your name, as a keepsake, on every page.

Of course, that self-regard could also let you assume your attentions are welcomed and cause colleagues to file sexual-harassment complaints. That’s the drawback.

But most of the time it works in your favor.

It has been a weirdly useful self-regard.

“On the Ropes with Herman Cain.” — T.A. Frank, The New York Times Magazine

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