If you’re in NYC, please come to our Night of Long-Form Journalism panel Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Housing Works, which we’re presenting in conjunction with Longreads.

To get you ready for the panel, we’ve collected a couple great stories from each of the three panelists: Jeff Goodell, Brian Hiatt and Rob Sheffield. 

Jeff Goodell:

The Dark Lord of Coal Country, Nov. 29, 2010: The Rolling Stone investigation that forced the resignation of Don Blankenship, the coal industry’s dirtiest CEO

As the World Burns, Jan. 6, 2010: How Big Oil and Big Coal mounted one of the most agressive lobbying campaigns in history to block progress on global warming

Brian Hiatt: 

Billy Corgan, Rock God Interrupted, Jan. 3, 2011: The infinite sadness and unlikely redemption of the last Pumpkin standing

Lady Gaga, New York Doll, June 11, 2009: Gaga worships Warhol. Kisses girls (for real). And she’s the biggest new pop star of 2009

Rob Sheffield:

Rocklahoma: Still Hair Metal After All These Years, Dec. 27, 2007: Welcome to the festival where Eighties hair bands and those who love them gather to headbang and ponder the passage of time

Britney Spears, Oops!…I Did It Again, album review