I always love Kate Silver‘s #longreads picks. Here’s her Top 5.


Longreads asked for a top five. Here are a few that stand out:

Christopher Hitchens, “Martin, Maggie, and Me” (Vanity Fair)
The Hitchens-Amis bromance is the ultimate had-to-be-there of Thatcher-era intelligentsia. Bottoms up.

Michaelangelo Matos, eMusic Q&A: Rob Sheffield (17 Dots)
Pop fans and glossy geeks will find plenty to love in this broad Q&A — like My Dinner with Andre if it were shot for VH1.

Julian Barnes, “Writer’s Writer and Writer’s Writer’s Writer” (London Review of Books)
While plenty has been written about Lydia Davis’s new translation of Madame Bovary, Barnes’ thorough historical breakdown and downright passionate prose make this lo-ooong read a must.

Jessica Flint, “Vampire Weekend’s Mutinous Muse” (VF.com)
Admittedly, I rolled my eyes when my Twitter feed filled up with Ann Kirsten Kennis, the unwitting Contra cover girl who is suing Vampire Weekend over the use of her image. This engossing, in-depth piece hooked me in. It points a finger at photographer Tod Brody, who claims the rights to the snapshot. Brody was recently subpoenaed in the case, but apparently he can’t be found.

Mara Altman, “Whit Stillman Is Running Late” (First Things) (registration required)
b/w Alex Carnevale, “The Last Tantrum” (This Recording)

The ’90s are dead. Long live the ’90s!