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Booz Allen, the World's Most Profitable Spy Organization

How the United States came to outsource its intelligence operations:

"Yet conversations with current and former employees of Booz Allen and U.S. intelligence officials suggest that these contractors aren’t going anywhere soon. Even if Snowden ends up costing his former employer business, the work will probably just go to its rivals. Although Booz Allen and the rest of the shadow intelligence community arose as stopgap solutions—meant to buy time as shrunken, post-Cold War agencies tried to rebuild after Sept. 11—they’ve become the vine that supports the wall. As much as contractors such as Booz Allen have come to rely on the federal government, the government relies on them even more."
PUBLISHED: June 20, 2013
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2702 words)

A Chinese Hacker's Identity Unmasked

"It’s not a matter of isolated incidents; it’s a continuous invasion." Dell's director of malware research attempts to trace a series of attacks back to their source—in this case, China, and a man named Zhang Changhe:

"Up to now, private-sector researchers such as Stewart have had scant success putting faces to the hacks. There have been faint clues left behind—aliases used in domain registrations, old online profiles, or posts on discussion boards that give the odd glimpse of hackers at work—but rarely an identity. Occasionally, though, hackers mess up. Recently, one hacker’s mistakes led a reporter right to his door."
PUBLISHED: Feb. 19, 2013
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3192 words)