Meet the Longreads Team

Longreads is dedicated to serving its growing community of readers, writers, publishers and curators. Here are the people who make that happen:
  • Mark Armstrong
    Founder & Editor
    Mark, who founded Longreads in 2009, started his journalism career as a newspaper reporter for organizations including the Los Angeles Times and Gannett, and he has worked in digital media strategy for over a decade, for companies including Time Inc. and Microsoft-backed Bundle. In addition to Longreads, Mark serves as an editorial advisor to Read It Later. He commutes 30 minutes by bus and does most of his reading on his iPhone.
  • Joyce King Thomas
    Director of Brand Partnerships
    Joyce was the writer/creative director behind MasterCard's priceless campaign, and during a 17-year tenure rose to Chief Creative Officer of McCann Erickson. In addition to Longreads, Joyce serves as creative director/consultant for a number of clients and recently joined the board of the Nurse Family Partnership, a group that teaches parenting skills to at-risk young mothers. She reads her favorite longreads on her iPhone on planes, trains and at home when she's supposed to be sleeping.
  • Kjell Reigstad
    Design Director
    Since graduating from Pratt Institute, Kjell has designed for a variety of brands, including Ford, HBO, Maybelline, MTV, Terra, Tory Burch, and XM Radio. He lives in Boston with his wife and their cat, Phantom. For his 35-minute commute, Kjell likes to shuffle his longreads around between his iPhone, his iPad Mini, and his trusty Kindle.
  • Hakan Bakkalbasi
    Lead Developer
    Hakan lovingly builds Longreads in New York, NY. He is a world news junkie and reads mostly print or on his iPhone. In addition to Longreads, he works as an independent web designer and developer and is a proud alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Mike Dang
    Managing Editor
    Mike's work has appeared in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and Kansas City Star. He has worked on documentary series for Discovery, TLC, and The History Channel, and his radio work has been aired on the international radio program Free Speech Radio News. He has a master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.
  • Jodi Ettenberg
    Contributing Editor
    Jodi Ettenberg is the founder of Legal Nomads, which chronicles her ongoing travels and transportation misadventures. Jodi previously worked for five years as a corporate lawyer in New York. She is currently eating her way around the world, one country at a time. In addition to her editorial contributions to Longreads, Jodi works as a freelance writer and photographer for sites including The Hipmunk, CnnGo and G Adventures. She also speaks about social media and curation. She does most of her reading on her Macbook Air as she roams.