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Reply to a Dead Man

[Fiction] A man receives a letter from his deceased brother:

'My brother hired you to give me a message after he was dead?'

Harding smiled and nodded.

'He died six and a half months ago,' I said. 'What took you so long?'

'His wish was for us to execute his instructions not less than half a year after his demise.'

'Is this some kinda legal thing?'

'It is a simple agreement between FRC and your brother,' Lance Harding said, maintaining an aura of imperturbable patience. 'Often individuals wish to pass on knowledge outside of the rubric of wills and other legal formats. Some leave a spoken message, others might wish to pass along a note or a small package.'

'Seth didn’t have much,' I said. 'He couldn’t have anything to hide.'

'We all have something to hide, Mr. Vaness. Either that or something is hidden from us.'
PUBLISHED: Dec. 1, 2012
LENGTH: 22 minutes (5665 words)