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Moving Around

On being young and transgender:

"I’m in a bar on a date in the West Village. I’m twenty-two. It’s not that long ago.

"It’s my fifth, maybe sixth date with Molly. Far enough along, anyway, that I don’t even think to dress fancy, just a nice T-shirt and a skirt.

"After our second pitcher, I go to the men’s bathroom. I do this because I’m transgender and to most of the world I look like a man. Inside the bathroom, three tall white bros look up.

"'You’re wearing a skirt, what the fuck?' says one.

"'Yep,' I grunt and go to the urinal.

"'We’re going to break your face off!' The same guy says, once I’ve turned around."

PUBLISHED: Feb. 5, 2013
LENGTH: 13 minutes (3363 words)