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How I Met My Wife

Novelist Robert Boswell tells the story of how he met his wife, the author Antonya Nelson, and uses the story to explore how fiction is crafted:

"Why are we drawn to stories about people falling in love? There are likely a host of reasons, but here’s a good one: marriage, when observed from a place of solitude, has the power of dream. Solitary people fall in love with couples, imagining their own lives transformed by such a union. And once the transformation finally happens, people need to talk about it, telling not only their families, friends, and strangers on the bus but also themselves—repeating it to make it real, to investigate the mystery of marital metamorphosis. And they get good at the telling. People who cannot otherwise put together an adequately coherent narrative to get you to the neighborhood grocery will nonetheless have a beautifully shaped tale of how he met she (or he met he, or she met she) and became we."
SOURCE:Tin House
PUBLISHED: June 3, 2013
LENGTH: 29 minutes (7468 words)


[Fiction] Two young boys temporarily go missing:

"'You want to play hooky with Isaac?' Richard asked Danny. Isaac smiled shyly from the doorway, his silver front tooth catching the light. Whenever Richard spotted that tooth, he had the same thought: if his wife had still been alive when the tooth was knocked out, she’d have seen to an ivory replacement.

"'This morning, but not this afternoon,' Danny said. 'Can you go this afternoon?' he asked Isaac. 'It’s pizza-party day, remember?'"
PUBLISHED: Dec. 3, 2012
LENGTH: 20 minutes (5030 words)