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Planet Zoo

More than a generation of Americans have been urged to save the Earth. After surveying the current climate and every H.G. Wells-inspired geoengineering project, Anthony Doerr says it's time to pray for Homo sapiens.
PUBLISHED: Sept. 24, 2010
LENGTH: 20 minutes (5239 words)

The Hunter's Wife

(Fiction) It was the hunter's first time outside Montana. He woke, stricken still with the hours-old vision of ascending through rose-lit cumulus, of houses and barns like specks deep in the snowed-in valleys, all the scrolling country below looking December—brown and black hills streaked with snow, flashes of iced-over lakes, the long braids of a river gleaming at the bottom of a canyon. Above the wing the sky had deepened to a blue so pure he knew it would bring tears to his eyes if he looked long enough.
PUBLISHED: May 1, 2001
LENGTH: 37 minutes (9293 words)