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This Twenty-Something Hopes to Unleash the Next Green Revolution
In 2010, a young man on a quest for enlightenment walked into the office of Jerry Hatfield, director of the USDA’s National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment in Ames, Iowa. His…
Published: Aug. 29, 2014
Length: 7 minutes (1758 words)
Submitted by:
@ModFarm 9 hours, 21 minutes ago
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The Top 5 Longreads of the Week
Below, our favorite stories of the week. Kindle users, you can also get them as a Readlist. Sign up to receive this list free every Friday in your inbox. * * * 1. The Boy with Half a Brain Michael…
Author: Longreads
Published: Aug. 29, 2014
Length: 1 minutes (336 words)
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@longreads 3 hours, 36 minutes ago
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The Life of a Full-Time Barbecue Editor
Weird as it is to say, I understand the morbid fascination with my 36-year-old cardiovascular system. My job requires that I travel from one end of the state to the other eating smoked brisket, one…
Author: Mike Dang
Published: Aug. 28, 2014
Length: 1 minutes (469 words)
Submitted by:
@BradParker_ 22 hours, 36 minutes ago
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Acting French
I spent the majority of this summer at Middlebury College, studying at l’École Française. I had never been to Vermont. I have not been many places at all. I did not have an adult…
Length: 14 minutes (3733 words)
Submitted by:
@longreads 7 hours, 26 minutes ago
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Confessions of a Fat Bastard
"I thought you'd be fatter." It’s a common outburst when people first meet me at a barbecue event, book signing, or one of the hundred-plus barbecue joints I visit in a year traveling across…
Published: Aug. 20, 2014
Length: 13 minutes (3330 words)
Submitted by:
@the_pitchfork 22 hours, 32 minutes ago
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Jerry Jones can't buy what he really wants
SOMETIMES A RIVERBOAT gambler doesn't need to be smart. He just needs to be lucky.Long after George Strait's last bow after his final song, Jones is behind his suite's long bar, splashing Johnnie…
Length: 10 minutes (2671 words)
Submitted by:
@DVNJr 1 day ago
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Chavez, Matisse, and the Heist That Shook the Americas
U.S. Department of JusticeA decade after it was reported stolen, Odalisque in Red Pants was recovered by the FBI in Miami Beach. In the dark of the hotel room, the ultraviolet lamp ignited like…
Published: Aug. 27, 2014
Length: 24 minutes (6229 words)
Submitted by:
@MiamiNewTimes 2 days, 3 hours ago
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Cassandro, the Drag-Queen Star of Mexican Wrestling
Cassandro (Saúl Armendáriz) at a Lucha VaVoom show, in Los Angeles. “You know who I fight in the ring? Cassandro. The guy who needs to be famous. Your ego is not your amigo.…
Published: Sept. 1, 2014
Length: 33 minutes (8297 words)
Submitted by:
@longreads 26 minutes ago
Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: A Leprechaun, Jerry Jones, And Rowdy Retirees
3. The Rise of the Post-Clinic Abortion — New York Times Magazine View this image › Emily Bazelon profiles an activist named Rebecca Gomperts wh
Source: BuzzFeed
Submitted by:
@BuzzReads 4 hours, 55 minutes ago
This psychologist helps comedians keep laughing
Ildiko Tabori has never stood on a stage trying to make strangers laugh, doesn't write jokes and admits that she's not great at telling them. Trying to recount something clever she heard, she makes…
Published: Aug. 27, 2014
Length: 5 minutes (1379 words)
Submitted by:
@longreads 6 hours, 37 minutes ago
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