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Not-So-Magic Kingdom

That Disney’s theme parks exist in stark economic contrast with their surroundings is no mystery. (See: Sean Baker’s 2017 film, The Florida Project.) But in this reported essay, Gaby Del Valle traces a long arc — from Roy and Walt Disney’s initial vision for Orlando, through the flawed development of nearby town Celebration, to newly […]

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The Long Way Home

Earlier this year, journalist Martin Kuz spent five weeks in Ukraine, both as a reporter covering Russia’s invasion of his late father’s homeland and as a son hoping to better understand the forces that shaped his father’s life. He returned to Sacramento — home to the largest concentration of Ukrainian immigrants in the United States […]

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The Fracking Lottery

“When I moved to Billtown, I worried most about whether fracking tainted groundwater. By the time I left the area, my biggest concern was whether the liberty granted to citizens to lease their land, or to otherwise act in ways that limits others’ access to environmental goods, taints democracy.”