The Rage Machine

A 2010 profile on the big media dreams of Andrew Breitbart, who died early Thursday morning at age 43:

“Breitbart, who is Jewish, grew up in Brentwood, an affluent part of Los Angeles. He seems a familiar bicoastal type until he starts explaining his conviction that President Barack Obama’s election was the culmination of a plot, set in place in the nineteen-thirties by émigré members of the Frankfurt School, to take over Hollywood, the media, the academy, and the government, with the aim of imposing socialism. ‘He’s a Marxist,’ Breitbart says of Obama. ‘His life work, his life experience, his life writings, and now his legislative legacy speak to his ideological point of view.'”

Source: The New Yorker
Published: Mar 1, 2012
Length: 27 minutes (6,908 words)
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