The Innocent Man, Part Two

The second part of Texas Monthly’s series on Michael Morton’s wrongful conviction for the murder of his wife (read part one here):

“It was this sense of certainty that appeared to have blinded investigators to what was surely the most incredible missed clue in the entire case: a handwritten phone message for Wood reporting that Christine’s credit card had apparently been used at a store in San Antonio two days after her murder. ‘Larry Miller can ID the woman,’ stated the message, which included a number to call. Wood did not appear to have ever investigated the lead.

“As he sifted through the papers, Michael felt ‘no anger, just bewilderment,’ he told me. ‘By that time, I had been pummeled with so much, for so long, that I recall just staring at the pages, stunned.’ For the first time in almost 25 years, he began to have a sense of clarity about what had happened. Michael carefully turned the pages and came across an eight-page transcript of a phone call that had taken place between Wood and Michael’s mother-in-law, Rita Kirkpatrick, less than two weeks after Christine’s murder. As he studied each typewritten word, Michael could feel his throat tightening.”

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Nov 13, 2012
Length: 61 minutes (15,322 words)
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