My Life As a Failed Artist

Jerry Saltz, New York‘s senior art critic, revisits his own short career as a Dante-obsessed artist in late-seventies Chicago.

Published: Apr 17, 2017
Length: 17 minutes (4,391 words)

In Conversation: David Letterman

What has one of the architects of late night comedy being doing since he retired? Developing deep thoughts about using comedy to undermine the presidential administration, and confusing people with his long Santa Clause beard, among other things.

Published: Mar 5, 2017
Length: 30 minutes (7,596 words)

Why Ever Stop Playing Video Games

Many Americans have replaced work hours with game play — and ended up happier. Which wouldn’t surprise most gamers.

Author: Frank Guan
Published: Feb 22, 2017
Length: 22 minutes (5,642 words)

Shocking As It Is to Believe, the Theater May Be in a New Golden Age

Audra McDonald, Broadway’s greatest voice, is back. A fascinating profile of a gifted, ground-breaking, Broadway perfectionist.

Published: Mar 7, 2016
Length: 18 minutes (4,667 words)

The Business of Too Much TV

Today, there are more great shows on television than ever before. This age of Peak TV is reshaping the television industry — and affecting the work of everyone, from actors and writers to showrunners and crew members.

Published: May 18, 2016
Length: 40 minutes (10,114 words)