The Long History Behind the Racist Attacks on Serena Williams

“For the past two centuries, degrading visual caricatures of black figures — particularly women of African descent — have played a powerful role in shaping debates about slavery, race and citizenship.”

Source: Washington Post
Published: Sep 11, 2018
Length: 5 minutes (1,485 words)

She Works For Trump. He Can’t Stand Him. This Is Life With Kellyanne And George Conway.

George Conway has become one of Trump’s most vocal critics. Kellyanne Conway finds her husband’s viral tweets criticizing the president disrespectful. The couple still manage to live together in their $7.7 million home in Washington D.C. and relax at their beach house on the Jersey Shore.

Author: Ben Terris
Source: Washington Post
Published: Aug 15, 2018
Length: 13 minutes (3,257 words)

Gun Violence’s Distant Echo

Gillette, Wyoming is a place where “the high school yearbook devoted four pages to ‘Hunting: No Greater Sport,'” a local club funds “college scholarships by raffling off AR-15s,” and popular slogans include, “Welcome to Wyoming: Consider Everyone Armed.” Mariah Engdahl, age 16 — a girl surrounded by gun enthusiasts in her family and in her boom-and-bust community — educated herself on gun laws in Wyoming and, as a one-teen protest on gun control, delivered a speech to the Campbell County school board in a bid to avoid arming teachers in her county’s schools.

Author: Eli Saslow
Source: Washington Post
Published: May 18, 2018
Length: 17 minutes (4,287 words)

He Was One of Millions of Chinese Seniors Growing Old Alone. So He put Himself up for Adoption.

How an 85-year-old Chinese man — desperate for human interaction — put himself up for adoption by taping a note to a bus shelter in his neighborhood.

Source: Washington Post
Published: May 2, 2018
Length: 6 minutes (1,526 words)

Syria, A Love Story

How a bid for freedom from government oppression in Syria ended in torture — both physical torture, and for one young mother, the anguish of not knowing whether her husband is dead or alive.

Source: Washington Post
Published: May 1, 2018
Length: 9 minutes (2,414 words)

Too Many Men

Medical innovations, India’s preference for male heirs, and China’s one-child policy have created an irreparable gender disparity in the world’s two biggest countries, where men outnumber women by 70 million. Many Chinese men have started buying brides from countries such as Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia. The imbalance has also led to an increase in prostitution, human trafficking and violence against women, but in some Indian villages, women have started fighting for equal rights.

Source: Washington Post
Published: Apr 18, 2018
Length: 22 minutes (5,531 words)

Taming the Mighty Mississippi

The Mississippi is the second longest river in the United States. Unfortunately, the aging levees, locks and dams that make life and industry possible have degenerated, and no one seems able to initiate improvements.

Source: Washington Post
Published: Mar 14, 2018
Length: 15 minutes (3,882 words)

Journeys In Trump World

A tourist who stays exclusively at Trump properties around the world experiences opulence, pointless exclusivity and a clear vision of American mediocrity. Writer Jason Wilson made this global journey so we don’t have to. Unfortunately, we’re all living it already.

Source: Washington Post
Published: Mar 12, 2018
Length: 29 minutes (7,372 words)

Is Anyone Listening?

Rachel Crooks is one of 19 women who have accused President Donald Trump of sexual assault. She plans to continue telling her story until something changes.

Author: Eli Saslow
Source: Washington Post
Published: Feb 19, 2018
Length: 14 minutes (3,735 words)

‘I Want It to Stop’

Fifteen-year-old Ruben Urbina suffered from depression and attempted suicide multiple times. His friends and family members pleaded with him to get help. But one morning, Ruben couldn’t handle it anymore and called the police to falsely report that he had a bomb strapped to his chest.

Source: Washington Post
Published: Dec 27, 2017
Length: 14 minutes (3,637 words)