Elton John Is Not the Man They Think He Is at Home

On Elton John’s surprisingly slow start to his career, the seeming inauthenticity of some of his songs, and the incredible stamina he maintains for live performances at age 71.

Author: Bill Wyman
Source: Vulture
Published: Oct 18, 2018
Length: 17 minutes (4,478 words)

The Protagonist

Vulture staff writer E. Alex Jung profiles Sandra Oh, the first actress of Asian descent to be nominated for an Emmy award in the lead drama category.

Source: Vulture
Published: Aug 21, 2018
Length: 12 minutes (3,141 words)

Dinosaurs: The Making of TV’s Saddest, Strangest Sitcom Finale

In 1994, a group of talking dinosaurs warned humanity about the end of our world.

Source: Vulture
Published: Aug 7, 2018
Length: 4 minutes (1,173 words)

In Conversation: Kathleen Turner

“I never really studied acting… In fact, the master classes I do, my course is called Practical Acting. You shut up and do it.”

Source: Vulture
Published: Aug 7, 2018
Length: 21 minutes (5,400 words)

In Conversation: Billy Joel

Billy Joel talks about performing in his late 60s, why he stopped writing songs, the problems inherent in not owning your own recordings, and his opinion of the state of America today.

Source: Vulture
Published: Jul 23, 2018
Length: 22 minutes (5,610 words)

Henry Taylor’s Wild Heart Can’t Be Broken

Essayist Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah profiles the figurative painter Henry Taylor.

Source: Vulture
Published: Jun 28, 2018
Length: 31 minutes (7,897 words)

Misogyny is Boring As Hell

Journalist Lila Shapiro speaks to Carmen Maria Machado, author of the short story collection Her Body and Other Parties, about her upcoming television series and the unfolding of the #metoo movement within the literary world.

Source: Vulture
Published: Jun 14, 2018
Length: 14 minutes (3,502 words)

An Oral History of Bob Costas Having Pink Eye at the Olympics

A look back at Bob Costas’ eye infection during the 2014 Olympics, which led to Meredith Vieira becoming the first woman to host prime-time Olympics coverage solo and countless memes.

Source: Vulture
Published: Feb 16, 2018
Length: 13 minutes (3,452 words)

In Conversation: Quincy Jones

Living legend Quincy Jones tells it all and knows it all: how many songs Michael Jackson stole, which Beatles couldn’t actually play, everyone Marlon Brando slept with, who killed Kennedy, what happens when we die, and the moment God walks out of a room. David Marchese follows up on each fantastic digression in an interview with the world’s most virtuosic octogenarian.

Source: Vulture
Published: Feb 7, 2018
Length: 19 minutes (4,975 words)

Beware the Open-Plan Kitchen

Almost a decade after the speculation-driven financial crisis of 2008, the success of HGTV’s aspirational real-estate programming proves that house-flipping culture is alive, well, and potentially dangerous.

Source: Vulture
Published: Sep 20, 2017
Length: 19 minutes (4,879 words)