The Faker

“When the show began, a constellation of folks who’d known Alfredo, including many people he’d screwed over, mingled over his work. At first he’d turned art into crime. Now he was turning his crime into art. Prison was ‘the best residency Alfredo could have dreamed of,’ says Fuentes.”

Published: Sep 30, 2021
Length: 13 minutes (3,472 words)

Knives Outback

“Allen, during his interviews, had found an undercurrent of tension among Larrimah’s remaining 12 residents, one that stemmed from years of escalating feuds both small and large, unusual even for a tiny town where everyone knows each other’s business.”



Published: Aug 20, 2021
Length: 28 minutes (7,209 words)

The Clairvoyant

“Assunta’s knowledge was awe-inducing to those who reported being on the receiving end of it. It was also intimidating.”


Published: Jul 8, 2021
Length: 22 minutes (5,538 words)

The Han Twins

“The narrative that emerged was as simplistic as it was appealing: An evil twin, Jeen, had grown so jealous of her minutes-older and higher-achieving sister, Sunny, that she set in motion a barely believable sequence of events. The truth is far more interesting.”

Published: Jun 8, 2021
Length: 25 minutes (6,268 words)

Lost on Sullivan’s Island

“Vail’s three-and-a-half day adventure brings into focus how we coexist. How we coexist with wealth. How we coexist with nature. And how we coexist with each other.”

Published: Apr 28, 2021
Length: 22 minutes (5,648 words)

The Richest Black Girl in America

“Everyone wanted to know more about Sarah Rector, about her unbelievable luck and especially about her money — and many would stop at nothing to get it for themselves.”

Published: Feb 16, 2021
Length: 19 minutes (4,760 words)

The Source

On the eve of America’s Bicentennial, a mysterious illness terrifies the country and sends disease detectives racing the clock to find answers.

Published: Mar 30, 2020
Length: 54 minutes (13,660 words)

Dogs of War

“At the outbreak of WWII, a private poodle breeder and her dog show pals launch an outlandish scheme to recruit and train thousands of pets for war duty. In the face of military skepticism and the carnage of war, a new kind of hero emerged.”

Published: Mar 9, 2020
Length: 25 minutes (6,321 words)

Family Business

What do you do when all you ever really wanted was to be loved by your dad and all he wants is to use you to perpetrate crime? Vincent Moretti got wrapped up in his overbearing father’s penchant for organizing inside-job armoured car heists. When Archie Moretti refused to share the take fairly, Vincent decided he had had enough of the patriarchy.

Published: Jan 28, 2020
Length: 31 minutes (7,873 words)


In an age when driving is the next frontier, a 22-year-old mother tries to become the first woman to drive cross-country. Riding into mysterious pre-highway terrain, she rewrites history and faces betrayal closer than she ever imagined.

Published: Jun 11, 2019
Length: 30 minutes (7,600 words)