The New Old Age

When FDR signed the Social Security Act in the 1930s, the average male life expectancy was 61. Today, it’s nearly 80. Is society ready for more people living longer than ever?

Source: The Walrus
Published: Aug 27, 2018
Length: 20 minutes (5,200 words)

The Other Side of Fentanyl

Teva Harrison, who has terminal cancer, reflects on how fentanyl is helping her make the most of the time she has left.

Source: The Walrus
Published: Aug 23, 2018
Length: 9 minutes (2,414 words)

Environmental Disaster Is Canada’s New Normal. Are We Ready?

Canada, the second largest nation in the world by area, is highly susceptible to the effects of climate change. According to nationwide assessments, the country is struggling to prepare itself.

Source: The Walrus
Published: May 23, 2018
Length: 16 minutes (4,218 words)

How to Make a Hit Song in 2018

The chorus is passé.

Source: The Walrus
Published: Mar 5, 2018
Length: 7 minutes (1,758 words)

Send the Barbarian in First

Bullied as a child in school in the ’80s, Canadian poet George Murray once found solace in the make-believe world of Dungeons & Dragons, where he could become “a seven-foot-tall warrior who could punch the face off a troll.” At The Walrus, Murray writes of the role-playing game’s renaissance — about how it helped his blended family bond — and about how he’s “playing it forward” by acting as dungeon master for local families who want to learn to play.

Source: The Walrus
Published: Jan 23, 2018
Length: 9 minutes (2,382 words)

What Being a Bike Courier Taught Me About Our Broken Economy

To earn money during a rough patch as a freelancer, Sam Riches worked as a bike courier, delivering food in Toronto during a six-month period. While the job lacked in pay, it offered one intriguing benefit: a crash course in human nature.

Author: Sam Riches
Source: The Walrus
Published: Dec 12, 2017
Length: 9 minutes (2,261 words)

The Case Against Eating Fish

That fish you’re eating at the restaurant? There’s a good chance it isn’t the fish the restaurant claims it is. Mislabeling is rampant. You’re also eating plastic.

Source: The Walrus
Published: Mar 31, 2017
Length: 8 minutes (2,110 words)

Inside the All-Consuming World of Paw Patrol

How six animated pups conquered the psyche of the toughest demographic out there: preschoolers.

Source: The Walrus
Published: Nov 1, 2017
Length: 10 minutes (2,721 words)

Rise of the Robots

Driving trucks is the second most popular job for Canadian men, now autonomous truck technology threatens to put many out of work. Having seen automation replace bank tellers and elevator operators, some drivers are planning ahead for a driverless future.

Source: The Walrus
Published: Nov 14, 2017
Length: 22 minutes (5,580 words)

What My Father’s Death Taught Me about Poetry

Matthew Zapruder examines his relationship with poetry and with his father. Despite being two men with great facility for precise language, they were unable to use it to bridge the distance between them. In likening poems to people, Zapruder posits that the most beautiful thing about the poems most important to him is that their gravity and meaning cannot fully be articulated.

Source: The Walrus
Published: Jul 25, 2017
Length: 15 minutes (3,879 words)