Chasing Waves on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Despite fickle conditions, Ireland offers powerful waves on empty beaches, if you come at the right time.

Published: Aug 12, 2019
Length: 10 minutes (2,698 words)

Smash the Wellness Industry

Jessica Knoll calls out the wellness industry as a dangerous deceit. Masquerading as a way to increase energy or reduce inflammation, the industry’s success actually preys upon women’s self-hate by “preserving a vicious fallacy: Thin is healthy and healthy is thin.”

Published: Jun 8, 2019

Meet the Money Whisperer to the Super-Rich N.B.A. Elite

“Who’s the guy Klay Thompson and other N.B.A. stars trust to manage their wealth? One who knows how to rebound with $8,000 stuffed into his underwear.”

Published: Jun 6, 2019
Length: 11 minutes (2,990 words)

The Making of a YouTube Radical

Caleb Cain was an aimless young man looking for some distraction on YouTube. He became radicalized by videos made by a community of far-right creators — many of which were put in front of him by YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.

Published: Jun 8, 2019
Length: 19 minutes (4,817 words)

‘They Were Conned’: How Reckless Loans Devastated a Generation of Taxi Drivers

A two-part investigation examining how taxi industry leaders artificially inflated the price of medallions, which allow taxi drivers the ability to own and operate a cab, and trapped low-income drivers in reckless loans while government officials looked the other way.

Published: May 19, 2019
Length: 46 minutes (11,532 words)

This Gen X Mess

A fun, ranging package about Generation X. It includes essays on Evan Dando, The Rules, John Singleton, Grunge music and fashion, CK One, among other 90s touchstones,  plus a piece in which Caity Weaver rewinds 25 years to 1994 and spends a week only using what limited technologies existed then.

Published: May 14, 2019
Length: 94 minutes (23,739 words)

The Raisin Situation

“One man wanted to change the raisin industry for the better. He got more than he bargained for.”

Published: Apr 27, 2019
Length: 15 minutes (3,844 words)

She Draws Deeply Human Characters. They’re Just Animals.

“[A]t school, she pretended that she was a horse. This did not help integrate her into the mainstream of child society, but privately she expressed confidence in her choice.”

Published: Apr 29, 2019
Length: 8 minutes (2,137 words)

In San Francisco, Making a Living From Your Billionaire Neighbor’s Trash

Amid the mansions and new tech money, an entire economy has developed to gather discarded items and resell them for a few hundred dollars a week, if they’re lucky. “It’s a civic service as I see it,” said Nick Marzano, who publishes a magazine about San Francisco trash pickers. “Rather than this stuff going to landfill the items are being reused.”

Published: Apr 7, 2019
Length: 5 minutes (1,424 words)

For Larger Customer, Eating Out Is Still a Daunting Experience

If I have to contort myself to get into a booth or knock a vase of flowers off a too-close table with my ass, my wallet and I are heading elsewhere.

Published: Mar 12, 2019
Length: 11 minutes (2,795 words)