Canada mourns Takaya – the lone sea wolf whose spirit captured the world

The life and death of a legendary wolf.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Mar 27, 2020
Length: 11 minutes (2,830 words)

The Unlisted

How people without an address are stripped of their basic rights—an excerpt from The Address Book.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Mar 26, 2020
Length: 15 minutes (3,755 words)

Real Estate for the Apocalypse: My Journey into a Survival Bunker

In the Black Hills of South Dakota, entrepreneurs are translating fears of societal collapse into post-apocalyptic gated communities.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Mar 17, 2020
Length: 19 minutes (4,874 words)

Orderly, dour, cowed: how my beloved Italy is changed by coronavirus

Holed up with his family in their Parma flat, Tobias Jones tells of the eerie atmosphere in a country usually known for sociability, chaos and fun.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Mar 15, 2020
Length: 9 minutes (2,314 words)

The Invisible City: How a Homeless Man Built a Life Underground

“After decades among the hidden homeless, Dominic Van Allen dug himself a bunker beneath a public park. But his life would get even more precarious.”

Author: Tom Lamont
Source: The Guardian
Published: Mar 5, 2020
Length: 24 minutes (6,244 words)

People Don’t Get it’: Inside the World of Hyper-Realistic Baby Doll Collecting

Kelli Korducki dives into a subculture of (mostly) women who collect “reborns” — dolls made to look and feel like actual human infants.  Sometimes the dolls are a source of emotional support and comfort; sometimes they are collectible art objects; and sometimes they are income generators for those who profit off of viral YouTube videos in which they care for the “babies.”

Source: The Guardian
Published: Feb 27, 2020
Length: 8 minutes (2,198 words)

Tampon wars: the battle to overthrow the Tampax empire

For decades, one company has ruled the world of tampons. But will a new wave of brands usurp the old order?

Source: The Guardian
Published: Feb 11, 2020
Length: 24 minutes (6,005 words)

Bring up the Bodies: the Retired Couple who Find Drowning Victims

With specialized sonar equipment and patience, Gene and Sandy Ralston have found the bodies of over 100 people who’ve succumbed from every manner of death from accidental drowning to premeditated murder. Their work is critical, bringing much-needed closure to families, some who have waited decades to say goodbye to their loved one.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Jan 16, 2020
Length: 21 minutes (5,465 words)

Question Time: My Life as a Quiz Obsessive

From India and Ireland to the U.S., quiz tournaments are enduringly popular even — if not especially — as information has become more accessible than ever.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Jan 28, 2020
Length: 24 minutes (6,084 words)

William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was’

William Gibson talks to Sam Leith at the Guardian about how he got into writing science fiction, how his breakout novel Neuromancer was possible because he knew nothing about computers, the subtle, yet striking similarities that make London and Toyko great settings for his work, and the fact that even in science fiction, you’re lost without your phone charger.

Author: Sam Leith
Source: The Guardian
Published: Jan 11, 2020
Length: 12 minutes (3,120 words)