The Bottom Line

Diaper companies have poured billions of dollars into research and development to make their products better, but not cheaper, which can be hard on low-income families living on a tight budget.

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Mar 28, 2018
Length: 14 minutes (3,741 words)

She’s Taught at the Parkland High School for 14 Years. Can She Go Back?

Journalism teacher Melissa Falkowski survived the shooting that claimed 17 peoples’ lives, but the aftermath is just as challenging. She returned to the classroom where she and her students huddled for safety, but now her son worries he isn’t safe at elementary school. How can she tell him otherwise?

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Feb 23, 2018
Length: 8 minutes (2,232 words)

Gang raped at 17. Therapy at 65.

Evelyn Robinson was gang raped in 1969 by four men. She’s been dealing with the trauma ever since.

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Jan 4, 2018
Length: 21 minutes (5,250 words)

Walmart: Thousands of Police Calls. You Paid the Bill.

“When it comes to calling the cops, Walmart is such an outlier compared with its competitors that experts criticized the corporate giant for shifting too much of its security burden onto taxpayers.”

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: May 12, 2016
Length: 18 minutes (4,673 words)

Farm to Fable

“If you eat food, you are being lied to every day.” An investigation into the claims restaurants make when they say they “source locally.”

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Apr 13, 2016
Length: 26 minutes (6,510 words)

The Fire Inside

How did a county in Florida find itself in the middle of a heroin epidemic?

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Mar 30, 2016
Length: 24 minutes (6,051 words)

Insane. Invisible. In Danger.

How $100 million in cuts created chaos in Florida’s mental hospitals. A Tampa Bay Times and Sarasota Herald-Tribune investigation.

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Nov 2, 2015
Length: 15 minutes (3,999 words)

Ground Truth

In a neglected Florida cemetery, a search for the lost boys of a brutal reformatory school and the reasons why they died.

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Dec 18, 2014
Length: 26 minutes (6,568 words)

In Pahokee, Football Serves as a Way Out

In a small, impoverished town in Florida, a high school football player works diligently to get a college scholarship and fulfill his dreams of playing for a Division I school.

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Dec 4, 2014
Length: 28 minutes (7,127 words)

Insult To Injury

Florida trauma centers charge outrageous fees the moment you come through the door:

Before any X-ray was taken, any blood collected, any medicine delivered to his broken body, crash victim Eric Leonhard was charged $32,767 just to pass through the doors of a Fort Pierce trauma center. The bill was not for the surgery Leonhard needed to piece together his shattered pelvis. In fact, after exactly 40 minutes, doctors decided to transfer him because they didn’t have the right specialist for the job. So they loaded Leonhard onto a helicopter and sent him to another hospital on Florida’s east coast. Lawnwood Regional Medical Center still charged Leonhard, an uninsured tour boat captain, nearly $1,000 for every minute he spent with the medical team that couldn’t fix him.

Source: Tampa Bay Times
Published: Mar 7, 2014
Length: 14 minutes (3,500 words)