A Fish So Coveted People Have Smuggled, Kidnapped, and Killed For It

The Asian arowana or “dragon fish” is protected by the Endangered Species Act and illegal to own in the U.S. But the tropical fish’s status symbol among wealthy buyers has made it the object of a thriving black market.

Source: Scribner
Published: Jul 18, 2016
Length: 17 minutes (4,498 words)

Longreads Member Exclusive: After Visiting Friends (Chapter 1), by Michael Hainey

This week’s Longreads Member Pick is the first chapter from the best-selling memoir After Visiting FriendsGQ deputy editor Michael Hainey‘s story of his father’s death and his search for answers. Hainey was 6 years old when his father, newspaperman Bob Hainey, died suddenly, but questions remained about the circumstances around his death. 

We’re proud to feature the book. Thanks to Michael and Scribner for sharing this story.

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Source: Scribner
Published: Mar 21, 2013
Length: 10 minutes (2,542 words)