Abortion’s Last Stand in the South: A Post-Roe Future Is Already Happening in Florida

An abortion clinic in Florida — A Woman’s Choice of Jacksonville — is already dealing with protestors who literally moved into their street. Laura C. Morel asks what will happen to this, and other clinics, poised to absorb a new influx of patients with the majority of the South getting ready to ban abortions. Who will safeguard these places and their patients?

Now, as the end of Roe appears imminent, abortion rights groups are predicting that acts of intimidation, harassment and violence will skyrocket. And they say providers and patients have precious few protections.


Source: Reveal News
Published: May 5, 2022
Length: 26 minutes (6,735 words)

The Disinformation Campaign Behind a Top Pregnancy Website

The American Pregnancy Association is often cited by hospitals, government agencies, and major publications as a neutral source for reproductive health information. But, as Kiera Butler investigates, it’s far from it. Founded by anti-abortion activist Brad Imler, the APA website hawks products, is full of medically questionable advice, and is a “softer, user-friendly approach to anti-abortion activism.”
It’s not surprising that the loudest and most disruptive anti-abortion activists receive the most national attention – the protesters outside clinics, for instance, or the legislators narrowing the window within which a pregnant person can end a pregnancy. But there is a quieter and more intimate part of the movement, too – one that has the potential to profoundly affect countless individual lives. That is Imler’s specialty: the part that takes place on hotline phone calls, in crisis pregnancy center offices and in late-night Google searches.
Source: Reveal News
Published: Apr 22, 2022
Length: 12 minutes (3,153 words)

How America’s Gun Laws Are Failing Domestic Violence Victims

“From 2017 through 2020, Reveal identified at least 110 intimate partners and others who were fatally shot by offenders using weapons they weren’t allowed to possess under federal and, in some cases, state law.”

Source: Reveal News
Published: Oct 26, 2021
Length: 23 minutes (5,896 words)

An American Legacy of Unpaid Labor

At hundreds of rehab facilities that aren’t tracked by the federal government, recovery means work without pay, and with little regard for safety.

Source: Reveal News
Published: Jul 7, 2020
Length: 20 minutes (5,191 words)

The Disappeared

The girl, now 17, has been in U.S. immigration custody since she was 10 years old. She’s become a long-term resident of what’s supposed to be a short-term system. 

Source: Reveal News
Published: Feb 18, 2020
Length: 36 minutes (9,179 words)

Behind the Smiles

Amazon’s internal injury records expose the true toll of its relentless drive for speed.

Author: Will Evans
Source: Reveal News
Published: Nov 25, 2019
Length: 24 minutes (6,000 words)

The Death of Baby Ada Mae and the Tragic Effects of Addicted Veterans

How the harmful prescription practices of a Wisconsin VA center have furthered an epidemic of addicted veterans, and left tragedy and crime in their wake.

Source: Reveal News
Published: Mar 14, 2015
Length: 20 minutes (5,040 words)