Bright Passage

Leslie Jamison considers what it means to be in hospital, exploring the liminal spaces between sick and well.

Maybe the lighting feels particularly bright in my mind’s eye because I think of hospitals as places of ruthless visibility, where privacy is gone and the boundaries of the body become porous, where we see more than we’d like—about our bodies and their frailty, about where these bodies are always, ultimately, headed.

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Mar 11, 2022
Length: 22 minutes (5,501 words)

On Memory and Survival

Nickole Brown reflects on how her inability to form memories as a result of childhood trauma had adversely affected her ability to survive.

Survival has to do with remembering what you most do not want to face. It has to do with not turning away, in believing your own testimony, in writing it down. Then, just like that, my memory was given back to me, whole and real, simply because she’d remembered it, because that’s what witnessing does.

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Feb 9, 2022
Length: 9 minutes (2,348 words)

What Slime Knows

“There is no hierarchy in the web of life.”

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Aug 24, 2021
Length: 13 minutes (3,411 words)

First Passage

“A journey toward motherhood in the age of glacial loss.”

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Jun 3, 2021
Length: 18 minutes (4,576 words)

Hand in Glove

“And, formed as they are from durable polymers and loaded with toxic plasticizers and other chemicals, plastic gloves can last for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Yet in discarding them (or any plastic object, come to that), we act as if none of this touches us.”

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Sep 10, 2020
Length: 19 minutes (4,967 words)

Higher Ground

“Large-scale resettlement due to rising sea levels is no longer a thought experiment, some hypothetical slow-motion calamity in the hazy future engulfing remote coastal villages. This is Mumbai and Shanghai. This is Piazza San Marco in Venice. This is Manhattan and Miami.” Zachary Slobig visits Gardi Sugdub, a community in the Guna Yala archipelago of Panama looking to relocate to the mainland.

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Nov 7, 2016
Length: 23 minutes (5,804 words)

Whale Watch

On the trail of an elusive marine mammal.

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Sep 2, 2015
Length: 17 minutes (4,486 words)

Defending Darwin

What it’s like to teach evolution at the University of Kentucky.

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Apr 1, 2015
Length: 15 minutes (3,791 words)

Getting Connected

How small communities like Red Hook in Brooklyn and Kansas City are addressing its lack of affordable broadband access.

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Jan 5, 2015
Length: 12 minutes (3,091 words)

The Art of Arrival: Rebecca Solnit on Travel and Friendship

A new Longreads Exclusive from Solnit and Orion magazine.

Source: Orion Magazine
Published: Oct 15, 2014
Length: 19 minutes (4,780 words)