The Mystery of Jesus, the Naked Hippie Dancer

During the last quarter of the 20th century, William Jellett danced at countless rock shows in the UK. From Black Sabbath to the Sex Pistols to Queen, he was there, holding cryptic signs and rattling a tambourine. You can see his skinny shirtless frame in countless photos and live footage. So who was he, and where did he go?

Source: Medium
Published: Jan 3, 2018
Length: 33 minutes (8,281 words)

The Theory of Visitors

Sam Lansky writes about dating and his conflicted feelings about love and relationships.

Author: Sam Lansky
Source: Medium
Published: Nov 10, 2017
Length: 26 minutes (6,527 words)

Something Is Wrong on the Internet

“Someone or something or some combination of people and things is using YouTube to systematically frighten, traumatize, and abuse children, automatically and at scale.” James Bridle traces a profoundly disturbing digital trail through “industrialized nightmare production,” flagging a long tail of iterative violence that human oversight is powerless to contain.

Source: Medium
Published: Nov 6, 2017
Length: 20 minutes (5,000 words)

The Forgotten Song That Made The Beach Boys Cool Again

After The Beach Boys’ domestic album sales started suffering in the late 1960s and their squeaky clean surfer image fell out of favor, they co-wrote a song that helped them connect with America’s shaggy, drug-taking counterculture and regain their popularity. This is the story of that song, and the story of American pop music after the Summer of Love.

Source: Medium
Published: Jun 12, 2017
Length: 14 minutes (3,520 words)

The Holiday Lunch

Kim France—founding editor of Lucky magazine, and one-time writer for Sassy—on feeling like an outsider among fancier editors at Conde Nast, and dreading the annual company luncheon at The Four Seasons, especially when seated next to chairman Si Newhouse.

Author: Kim France
Source: Medium
Published: Nov 2, 2016
Length: 14 minutes (3,692 words)

This is Not My Beautiful House

Former Lucky Magazine editor and Girls of a Certain Age blogger Kim France reflects on the miscalculation that her life would be perfect, and her marriage would work, if she lived in the perfect Brooklyn Brownstone.

Author: Kim France
Source: Medium
Published: Oct 18, 2016
Length: 14 minutes (3,634 words)

Why Am I So Fat?

Writer and performer Sara Benincasa writes a brilliant, biting, and hilarious response to the guy who wrote her asking, “Why did you gain so much weight?”

Source: Medium
Published: Aug 18, 2016
Length: 14 minutes (3,700 words)

American Horror Story

“When I was a child, I always half-suspected that America wasn’t real.” Laurie Penny goes back stage at both conventions, and sees American myth-making in action.

Source: Medium
Published: Jul 28, 2016
Length: 7 minutes (1,902 words)

The New Normal

A meditation on grief, from the late comedian Harris Wittels’ sister.

Source: Medium
Published: Jun 10, 2015
Length: 17 minutes (4,326 words)

How Paper Magazine’s Web Engineers Scaled Kim Kardashian’s Back-End

An in-depth look at how publishers on the internet prepare for an explosion of traffic.

Author: Paul Ford
Source: Medium
Published: Jan 22, 2015
Length: 14 minutes (3,500 words)