The Secrets of the World’s Greatest Jailbreak Artist

“Master criminal Rédoine Faïd loved the movies, and his greatest crimes were laced with tributes: to Point Break, Heat, and Reservoir Dogs. When he landed in a maximum-security prison, cinema provided inspiration once again.”

Source: GQ
Published: Apr 27, 2021
Length: 29 minutes (7,411 words)

Finding My Father Among the Astronauts

“It took more than a decade for me to realize that I never really wanted to become a pilot so much as I wanted to become like my dad, to achieve what others deemed impossible.”

Source: GQ
Published: Apr 28, 2021
Length: 14 minutes (3,560 words)

Scar Stories: The Toll of Colon Cancer

“When Chadwick Boseman died from colon cancer, Ibram X. Kendi, one of the country’s most renowned historians of racism, felt moved to speak up about his own fight against a disease that disproportionately afflicts Black men. He decided to reveal the scars from his own surgery—to wear them as visible signs of triumph over adversity. Here, alongside six other patients and survivors, he bares his wounds—and reckons with the disease’s lasting effects on his body and his spirit.”

Source: GQ
Published: Apr 22, 2021
Length: 16 minutes (4,140 words)

My Parents Got Sick. It Changed How I Thought About My Marriage

“All the pain of the past year taught me something: the true nature of intimacy.”

Source: GQ
Published: Mar 2, 2021
Length: 12 minutes (3,068 words)

Patricia Lockwood Is a Good Reason to Never Log Off

“I mean, the internet is inside us. It’s no longer an externality. We can’t get away from that. You can do some Alias thing where you rip the chip out and you throw it in the river, but it’s too late, man. We’re not getting offline.” Gabriella Paiella interviews Patricia Lockwood.

Source: GQ
Published: Feb 15, 2021
Length: 14 minutes (3,519 words)

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird Are Goals

“Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe both had Hall of Fame–worthy careers before they met. But to reach new, boundary-obliterating levels of achievement on and off the field, they needed each other. And, as they tell Emma Carmichael, their work is just getting started.”

Source: GQ
Published: Feb 9, 2021
Length: 21 minutes (5,324 words)

The Epic Hunt for One of the World’s Most Wanted Men

“He was one of Africa’s richest moguls and helped unleash the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Then Félicien Kabuga vanished and stayed hidden for more than two decades—until recently, when the United Nations’ war crimes detectives picked up his trail and began to close in.”

Source: GQ
Length: 27 minutes (6,914 words)

Welcome to Zollywood

“At 24 she’s already conquered the Disney thing—and Marvel. She even won an Emmy for Euphoria. Next up for Zendaya? Figuring out who she really is when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

Source: GQ
Published: Jan 11, 2021
Length: 15 minutes (3,856 words)

Visible Men: Black Fathers Talk About Losing Sons to Police Brutality

“We asked the fathers and father figures of Michael Brown, Terence Crutcher, Daniel Prude, Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake to reflect on the violence that forever altered their families’ lives—and what it means to raise a Black man in America.”

Source: GQ
Published: Dec 10, 2020
Length: 28 minutes (7,072 words)

The Promise That Tested My Parents Until the End

“As long as he is here, their story, however unlikely, is not yet over. She cries because the end of him is the end of a possibility. And I think, not for the first time, how little I still know about love.”

Source: GQ
Published: Nov 23, 2020
Length: 15 minutes (3,852 words)